Shihab Uddin

With an eighteen year career as a project manager in the software and teaching profession, Shihab has a strong sense of customer service. Passionate about Real Estate, his main mission is to make the experience of his clients more enjoyable. Listening to your needs, he will be able to make you recommendations just and with confidence!

Holder of a BAC in Computer Science, two degrees in Computer Science and Real Estate Brokerage, Shihab holds all the tools to manage your transaction with efficiency and performance.

With view to leaving as little problem as possible for posterity, Shihab is committed to doing a lot of free work for the community. He is a board member of elementary school l'Eau Vive. He is also a Commissioner of Oaths who takes swearing free. Apart from these, he gives a lot of effort to his community when some needs some help. For all your Real Estate needs do not hesitate to contact Shihab!