The Plateau

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, at the foot of Mount Royal, overlooks downtown. It offers an intense neighbourhood life and all the charms of urban life. With its tree-lined urban streets, its network of green lanes, multiplexes with colourful staircases, and peaceful neighbourhoods just steps away from busy streets, the Plateau is full of things to discover.

Located in the heart of Montreal, the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough has an undeniable appeal, both to the Montreal population and to tourists, because of the quality of life of its neighborhoods, the cachet of its tree-lined streets. and plants, its typical stairs, its lively parks, the effervescence of its shopping streets, its sidewalk cafes and its pool of creators.

Beyond all these attractions, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal offers a daring vision of better living in the city based on the creation of complete neighborhoods where people can live, work and play. Neighborhoods that offer a variety of businesses, services and jobs; an abundant social and cultural life as well as amenities that promote active and safe travel, islands of freshness and meeting places.
A vision that makes the Plateau a downright inspiring and intensely alive district!