Montreal’s Southwest, live close to the Lachine Canal

With emblematic figures such as the Atwater Market, the Lachine Canal and its Antique Dealers, the Sud-Ouest borough stands out for its past rich in history, heritage and its current effervescence. Located near the city center, it has charming neighborhoods where parks and green spaces rub shoulders with a variety of shops and restaurants. The population actively participates in the social, cultural and economic development of their community. Thanks to this citizen mobilization, the South West is a living environment where it is good to live, work and have fun.

For the past twenty years, the South West has been experiencing significant demographic, economic and social changes.
Historically industrialized, its neighborhoods have developed and its economy has diversified. Today, there are service-oriented businesses there. They bring together social economy enterprises, cultural institutions, sports and leisure organizations, scientific incubators, communication companies and architectural firms. Sustainable mobility is one of the Borough's priorities.
There are seven metro stations, a network of cycle paths and pedestrian streets, which promotes active and collective travel within our territory. At the heart of this development, sustainable development is essential to make the borough a healthy, green, safe and harmonious living environment for the current and future population.